Archived Shows
Episode 337

TACS 337 with Mike Lawrence

Ant wraps up the week chatting about David Letterman’s new look, creepy ass Corey Feldman’s new album and video, a Texas “high” speed chase, weed laws, Garry Shandling, TV technology, and Garrett’s old digs. He gets into a Pennsylvania new anchors “racist” comments, a dude arrested for not returning a... More

Episode 107

TACS 107 with Tom Green Interview

We start a new TACS week with a recap of the Grammy’s getting Ant’s thoughts on the show, the artists, Obama’s PSA, and Pharrell’s need to do a “hands up don’t shoot” during his performance. Ant then gets into what an unfunny cuntbag Andy Kindler is, we see Kindler’s awful... More