Archived Shows
Episode 73

The AA Show 073

Gavin and Anthony start the day chatting it up about millennial comics, Dave Smith takes a seat and the guys talk more about comics, being “left-wing” funny, Haiti the shithole, Gavin’s bombing set at The Stand, and foreskin. Bleh. They discuss sanctuary cities, the left always screaming “freedom of speech,”... More

Episode 521

TACS 521 with Dave Smith

Dave Smith joins Anthony today to talk about last night’s Patrice O’Neal benefit, Rich Vos’s dumb hat, Leslie Jones screaming, KtC’s networking, Pete Davidson’s big brush off, Ant’s Star Wars convo with Joe DeRosa, and mending burned bridges. Dave mentions talking with Richard Spencer earlier, they chat about old O&A... More

Episode 492

TACS 492 with Dave Smith

Anthony is joined by Dave Smith today discussing Megyn Kelly’s move to NBC, Donald Trump’s “dart shooting,” predictions of when the Trump outrage will die down, the racial divide in the country, being forced to lie because of “outrage,” and liberal Bruce Springsteen. They go on to talk about the... More