Archived Shows
Episode 320

TACS 320 with Bob Levy and Geno Bisconte

Midweek TACS brings us Reverend Bob Levy and Anthony (aka Paulie Walnuts/Mike Brady) yapping about salons, square dancing, and Geno Bisconte joins to further discuss dancing in schools, Geno’s living situation, hotel sex, hotel filth, and Joe Rogan on Dada 5000. They get into “words hurting,” Geno’s biggest pussy move... More

Episode 184

TACS 184 - As Seen on SiriusXM

The President and CEO of TACS unveils the new show app and explains its features, Ant talks about his evening with Gavin McInnes, bitches about how much better Gavin’s set looks, we see a Stephen Colbert promo and a pic of him taking part in a Charleston march, and get... More

Episode 161

TACS 161 with Stuttering John

Before Anthony meets Stuttering John Melendez poolside, he talks about last night’s Letterman with Howard Stern and Don Rickles, the “breaking news” that the Stangel brothers will now be producing Opie and Jimmy, KtC gives everyone an app and studio update, and Ant clears up concerns regarding his elbows. He... More

Episode 108

TACS 108 with guest Stuttering John

Today Stuttering John and Anthony sit at the poker table to talk about drinking, relationships, and their shared love of Columbo reruns and old timey TV shows. John tells us a few Jackie Martling stories, we find out his son gave him lice, the guys chat about their love of... More