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Episode 355

TACS 355 with Sherrod Small and Kurt Metzger

While waiting for Kurt Metzger, Sherrod Small starts off the show being blacker than black talking with Jon Fatigate about being a non-Jew, the presidential candidates, choking yourself while choking, masturbating on coke, the candidates being good for comics, Jew percentages, and bagging bitches of different races. Kurt makes his... More

Episode 161

TACS 161 with Stuttering John

Before Anthony meets Stuttering John Melendez poolside, he talks about last night’s Letterman with Howard Stern and Don Rickles, the “breaking news” that the Stangel brothers will now be producing Opie and Jimmy, KtC gives everyone an app and studio update, and Ant clears up concerns regarding his elbows. He... More