Archived Shows
Episode 622

TACS 622 with Dean Delray, and Aaron Berg

Anthony begins the day talking about yesterday’s big co-host announcement, Gavin making his exit at Compound Media, Ashleigh Shackleford appearing on IHW, Stuttering John Melendez shit talking Artie, and Fred Stoller’s comments on Artie and Anthony. Anthony discusses a civil war doc he watched last night and how it relates... More

Episode 113

TACS 113 with Never Sleep Alone author Dr. Alex Schiller

Hump day kicks off with Ant explaining his wardrobe, pumping up today’s guest Alex Schiller, professing his love for vagina walls, and talking about “crutches” he’s had in broadcasting. He then gets into his H1Z1 play from last night, Colin Quinn’s new web series “Cop Show” on, Afroman punching... More