Archived Shows
Episode 89

Mornin'!!! 089

Bill and JoNo end the week chatting about random links being sent to them, toad hats, the new Joker, and Buck Sexton, Mike Hammer, and Natasha Dalanah take a seat to talk about St. Patrick’s Day, and Irish cultural appropriation. They discuss a dead spy linked to Russia, dangerous destinations,... More

Episode 77

In Hot Water 077

On today’s IHW, Geno rants on chicks mannnnn, Hollywood whores, women waiting forever to report things, and that asshole LaVar Ball, LaVar Ball stops by to talk about his thieving son, stuttering mofos, being on CNN, the black man’s plight, “L” names, and the repercussions for his kid. Geno goes... More

Episode 108

TACS 108 with guest Stuttering John

Today Stuttering John and Anthony sit at the poker table to talk about drinking, relationships, and their shared love of Columbo reruns and old timey TV shows. John tells us a few Jackie Martling stories, we find out his son gave him lice, the guys chat about their love of... More