Archived Shows
Episode 54

Safe Space 054

Taleeb is back in the Safe Space today blaming Al Gore for missing last week’s show, he yaps it up about New Year’s optimism, removing lingering habits, some comic book dude named Destro, a crooked pastor, and a douche that mistakenly threw away a ton of Bitcoin. Taleeb tells us... More

Episode 67

The AA Show 067

Anthony and Ron Bennington are back today chatting about "bomb cyclone," being a “sodomite,” Steve Bannon and Donald Trump, frozen Florida, Bitcoin mining, yesterday’s guest Owen Benjamin, transgender kids, and childhood cowboy Bennington. They discuss progress, traditions in America, capitalism, Colin Flaherty joins the guys and Ant reminisces about some... More

Episode 53

Safe Space 053

Taribi-Sutakesu is in his Safe Space talking it up about winter solstice, not being in the holiday spirit, the Real Housewives of Section 8, and we get familiar with a real-life Addams Family in AZ. The H.N.I.C. tell us about Bitchcoin and Bitcoin, Ryan Scribner Skypes in to talk about... More

Episode 55

The AA Show 055

Anthony is joined by Aaron Berg today addressing Artie’s absence and announcing this week’s co-host, the guys talk about Bitcoin, The Walking Dead, Flora Bama Shore, and random reality shows. We hear about Sopranos actress Ariel Kiley becoming a yoga instructor, the movie The Disaster Artist, pervy ass Mario Batali,... More

Episode 253

TACS 253 with Robert Kelly

Monday starts off with a case of the Monday’s and Ant talking about doing Greg Gutfeld’s new show, hot chicks on Fox News, his new iPhone, Bitcoin issues, and the “Mexican hurricane.” He discusses Amy and Chuck Schumer being related and their views, curtailing violence, the latest police shooting the... More