Archived Shows
Episode 99

East Side Dave Show 099

On tonight's ESDS, Dave gives us his gratuitous talk show monologue, breaks into song, and we hear Big A's Congratulations to Philadelphia. Then the incomparable Billy Mitchell calls in to defend the cheating accusations against him in Donkey Kong , and Richie Knucklez calls in to back-up Billy.

Episode 29

East Side Dave Show 029

Tonight on The ESDS, Dave’s monologue includes news on Brendan Dassey, Ryan Lochte, Johnny and Amber, Bon Jovi, Adele, Antonio Cromartie, and A-Rod. After a sweet suicide song, Dave goes on to talk about hunky Joseph Gordon Levitt, he bitches at and about Roy, we see and hear a clip... More

Episode 18

East Side Dave Show 018 - 18th Special Spectacular

On the “18th Special Spectacular” of the ESDS, Dave’s monologue covers Bill Cosby, lots of rape, muzzies, begging for money, Kris Jenner, and Roy Harder the anti-Semite. After a fine medley, Dave talks about Jared coming over his house…again, Dave yells about his road rage, yells about Jared running the... More

Episode 17

East Side Dave Show 017

Today’s ESDS starts with a monologue covering The GLAAD Awards, Caitlyn Jenner, Robert De Niro, raping Jennifer Lawrence, Donald Trump, James Van Der Beek, and Lamar Odom. After a gorgeous medley, Dave attempts Roy’s Alpine bells, wishes his son a happy birthday, begs for dough, gives and takes points, they... More