Archived Shows
Episode 477

TACS 477 with Tommy Pope, and Tim Butterly

A red eyed Anthony admits he plays way too many video games, Opie (along with Erock and Vic Henley) call in to chat it up about burning and mending fences, the latest at SiriusXM, Opie’s cryptic video, “Faction Radio,” Opie’s office, the workplace, nation, and women’s bathroom after the election,... More

Episode 476

TACS 476 with Ron Bennington

Anthony begins TACS talking about his new HTC Vive, Ron Bennington takes a seat and he and Ant chat about his next court date, buying coke on the streets, “the pistachio girl,” postmortem feelings about the election, and laughter being the best medicine. (Of sorts.) They discuss medication commercials, burning... More

Episode 474

TACS 474 with Joe Matarese, and Jim Florentine

Wrapping up TACS week, Anthony is joined by Jim Florentine chatting about traveling into the city, living without live-in gals, being trapped in relationships, threesomes, and Ant’s drunk ex-wife and mom in-law in the basement. Joe Matarese joins the party to talk about seeing Brian Regan, they yap about watching... More

Episode 92

TACS 092

Ant tells us about the feedback he saw on Reddit regarding his appearance on Adam Carolla, he sets the records straight about an Opie and Corolla feud, and Ant defends his Billy Joel tweet from last night. We learn that “Morality in Media” thinks the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”... More