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Episode 397

TACS 397

TACS is back with Anthony discussing the WikiLeaks emails from the DNC, Hillary’s running mate Tim Kaine, Debbie Wasserman Schultz getting canned from the democratic convention, the band Enuff Z'Nuff (?!?!), Wasserman Schultz’s getting “cheers,” Bernie Sanders speaking at the democratic convention, and Alex Jones at the RNC. After a... More

Episode 354

TACS 354 with Mike Brown and Brandon Collins

Mike Brown and Brandon Collins kick off the new TACS week talking about feedback on Reddit, Judge Judy, licking hot chick’s asses, Larry Wilmore dropping (N) bombs on Obama, and Hillary Clinton’s entitlement. After the callers offer up some new hot tail, they discuss Bernie Sanders being ready for war,... More

Episode 300

TACS 300 with Mike Brown

Today’s 300th episode of TACS gives us Mike Brown and Anthony talking about attempting to handle your mail, Beavis the destroyer, the repercussions for late payments, double digit rape, Cosby’s attorney, the presidential candidates and their ideas, and Sarah Palin endorsing Trump. We hear what MSNBC had to say about... More