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Episode 72

Safe Space 072

Our fellow traveler Taleeb Starkes begins the day yapping it up about opportunists, A. Benjamin Mannes joins Taleeb to talk about Starbucks training, implicit bias, and “LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP.” They go on to talk about reparations happy hour, operating room music drama, Roseanne and her tweet, Wanda Sykes the hypocrite, Keith Olbermann’s... More

Episode 70

Safe Space 070

Today the dark overlord of this sacred space, Taleeb Starkes, welcomes Ben Mannes as they watch videos of conflicting police accounts. Shalah Collins Skypes in to discuss the Kanye backlash, and the decline of black women supporting democrats, then onto the N.N.F.L..

Episode 38

Safe Space 038

Taleeb begins the show today talking about a Charlotte beatdown, a Charlottesville beatdown, The Young Turks take on Charlottesville, the southern democratic strategy, purging on confederate imagery, a Chicago pastor calling for changes, and we learn all about Frank Rizzo. A. Benjamin Mannes joins the show via Skype to chat... More