Archived Shows
Episode 645

TACS 645

Anthony and Dave start the show watching a woman talk to little kids about gay pride. Ari Shaffir joins the show and they get into gender issues, outrage from both the left and the right, and driving drunk or stoned. They talk about thinking about suicide, getting paralyzed, movies they... More

Episode 444

TACS 444 with Ari Shaffir and Joe Currie

Raspy voiced Anthony talks (barely) about Nancy Grace’s appearance on Jim and Sam, his tweet regarding it, Jimmy awful sound machine, and Joe Currie and Ari Shaffir join the show to chat about Trump and Hillary, the twisted media, the desperation of both parties, and guys having “sex talks.” We... More

Episode 380

TACS 380 with Ari Shaffir and Brian Redban

Rounding off TACS week, Anthony bitches about “Facebook memories,” we see a few “TBT” pics of his family and hear a few “TB” stories, learn about a chopstick stabbing and chopstick regulation, and Brian Redban and Ari Shaffir join the show to further discuss wacky ass shit in Japan. Brian... More

Episode 356

TACS 356 with Joe List and Mark Normand

Today’s TACS has Joe List and Mark Normand hosting along with Tim Dillon and Jason Kanter yapping about trashing looks and man love, fucking yourself straight, sucking dick, and pretty much getting gay. Ari Shaffir joins the crew to discuss Tim Allen’s shitty jokes and his shitty show, lookalikes, Pringles,... More

Episode 350

TACS 350 with Ari Shaffir and Big Jay Oakerson

TACS week kicks off (late) with Ari Shaffir and Big Jay Oakerson discussing bulimia, Ari’s jeweyness, a potential bar mitzvah for Jay, Jews in Jay’s family, and half-assing Judaism. They get into dick size, the possibility of getting butt fucked, prison rape, inconsistencies in prisons, repping your hood, we hear... More

Episode 319

TACS 319 with Ari Shaffir

Anthony is joined by a gimpy Ari Shaffir to chat about his latest injury, Canadian healthcare, Ari’s pro bono work, the old days of music marketing, asshole record store employees, and Ant drops dimes on assholes in stores in general. They talk about “having game,” prepping for dates, Ant tells... More