Archived Shows
Episode 228

TACS 228 with Matt Iseman

Monday’s TACS begins with a made up Anthony talking about seeing the doc “Don’t Stop Believin’,” the anniversary of 9/11, a possible Pulp Fiction cast, and he plays a video of a pit bull attack. We learn Richard Nixon liked Trump, Ant discusses shitty past presidents, the latest cop shooting,... More

Episode 189

TACS 189 with Rich Vos, Eli Roth and Matt Iseman

A brand new month of TACS starts with a “Happy Canada Day” shout out, backstory on the holiday, and Matt Iseman Skypes in to talk about Home and Family, the Golden Girls, American Ninja Warrior, and as always, fanboys out to perfection. Anthony gets into some of his late night... More

Episode 125

TACS 125 with Ron Bennington, Lionel and Matt Iseman

Wednesday’s TACS starts with a recap of last night’s broadcast with Legion of Skanks, learning that a former fraternity member at University of Oklahoma has issued an apology, and Lionel joins the show via Skype to discuss his days in Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the “racist rant,” thought policing, people who... More

TACS 068 with Matt Iseman

Sporting a “Wrath of Khan” hairdo, Ant chats about Star Wars as we watch the new trailer, he tells us about his Thanksgiving, and sums up what the “Anthony Cumia compound” really is. He then talks about sexting, tonguing asses, the stupidity of people on the internet, and we hear... More