Archived Shows
Episode 46

The AA Show 046

While waiting for Artie, Anthony gives Stuttering John the smashing he deserves, Artie takes a seat and the guys further bash a deserving John, Rory Albanese joins the guys and they chat about the table at the Comedy Cellar, crossing the line with women, and LA comics. They discuss handling... More

Episode 37

Safe Space 037

The O.N.I.C. is in his Safe Space today talking with Tommy Sotomayor about skin tone, TJ’s grandma’s advice, Usher’s herpes and a “whopper” that is accusing him of not telling her about it, Al Sharpton, and we find out what happened on this date back in the day. They discuss... More

Episode 437

TACS 437 with Mike Recine

TACS is back with Anthony waxing about shooting East Side Dave’s “Star Wars Spectacular,” Opie’s new gig and the “radio war” going on, the latest with Trump and Clinton, and we find out it’s stupid ass Al Sharpton’s birthday. Mike Recine takes a seat and goes on with Ant to... More

Episode 36

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 036

Pat begins NYCCR with the latest shit coming out of Rev Al’s mouth, pride weekend, and Mandy Stadtmiller, Talia Reese, and Bobo join the panel to discuss Pat’s CD “White Devil,” a Holland Tunnel rescue mission, a hooker named Gabi Grecko, and Geno Bisconte gives some stand-up correspondence. They chat... More

Episode 322

TACS 322 with Pete Lee and Chuck Nice

Today Anthony gives his thoughts on last night’s movie person contest (aka the Oscars), Rich Vos calls in to give us his behind the scenes take, and Pete Lee and Chuck Nice take a seat to talk about nerding out, Chuck’s upbringing, Pete’s past acting gigs, and auditions. They get... More

Episode 314

TACS 314 with Lionel

Today’s TACS begins with Jesse Ventura’s newest conspiracy theory, Lionel Media is with Anthony talking about the death of Antonin Scalia, the questions surrounding his death, Alex Jones’s theory on Scalia’s death, what make you a citizen, and busting apart conspiracies. They also discuss Scalia’s history, the presidential candidates, Bill... More