Archived Shows
Episode 650

TACS 650

TACS begins with Anthony telling Dave how much fun he has doing InfoWars before Sean "Sticks" Larkin comes in studio. They talk to him about everything Live PD from body cams, to the K-9s, weird calls, and people fighting with police. Sticks hits the bricks, Dave and Anthony laugh at... More

Episode 75

Safe Space 075

On today's Safe Space, Taleeb, the engineer of this little show that could welcomes Coleman Hughes to the show. They discuss his recent articles about racism and diversity, a woman who took an oath on Malcolm X's autobiography, and racial politics in Georgia. The NNFL with Pat Dixon closes out... More

Episode 649

TACS 649

Anthony, Dave, and Rich Vos open the show listening to Honest Opie Promos from his podcast, then they talk about Vos' roast. Gavin McInnes pops in to discuss the whole snatching kids from parents thing. They check out crazy televangelists, Rachel Maddow fake crying, talk about music festivals, and drug... More

Episode 118

East Side Dave Show 118

Staff gives Seinfeld impressions while telling jokes. Mexico beats Germany in World Cup. hock Jock Robot. Big A drinking heavily. Jimmy is in a diaper again as he reads his Father's Day poetry. Roy is Dave's new hype man. Bobo quizzed on Met's retired numbers.... More