The Artie and Anthony Show

The Artie and Anthony Show

Episode 56

The AA Show 056

Anthony, Aaron, and Ian Fidance begin the show drilling Bobo’s mom, they talk about GoFundMe scams, Keaton Jones backlash, calling out apologies, bomb making fails, chain migration, and Christmas plans. Anthony talks about the joys of living alone, they discuss man caves, the Alabama senate election, “Mrs. Roy Moore,” a... More

Episode 55

The AA Show 055

Anthony is joined by Aaron Berg today addressing Artie’s absence and announcing this week’s co-host, the guys talk about Bitcoin, The Walking Dead, Flora Bama Shore, and random reality shows. We hear about Sopranos actress Ariel Kiley becoming a yoga instructor, the movie The Disaster Artist, pervy ass Mario Batali,... More

Episode 53

The AA Show 053

A solo Anthony is joined by Will Noonan today talking about a Twitter fight regarding a bakery (not even kidding), the fire burning Southern Cali down, white knights on Twitter, limiting word usage, and the profiling of white men these days. We see some fake sign language, watch a creep... More

Episode 50

The AA Show 050

Wrapping up the week, Anthony and Artie talk about meth users and using, big asses, butt dialing, and big bellies, the Puerto Rican day parade, Eddie Murphy being gay af, IRS issues, cheesy newspaper headlines, and the old days of newspaper reading. They discuss people’s attitudes changing for “certain” reasons,... More