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Compound Media features the former “Opie and Anthony” frontman Anthony Cumia taking on today’s hot topics, news, and entertainment segments all alongside some of your favorite guests. This is Compound Media’s flagship program.

Episode 323

TACS 323 with Mike Ward

Super Tuesday TACS is here and Anthony is spouting off his thoughts on the primary election, social media influence, candidate promises, hating on politicians, businessmen vs. politicians, and voting choices. Mike Ward joins Ant to talk about his album “Pedophile Jokes & Death Threats,” his court case, explaining jokes, joke... More

Episode 322

TACS 322 with Pete Lee and Chuck Nice

Today Anthony gives his thoughts on last night’s movie person contest (aka the Oscars), Rich Vos calls in to give us his behind the scenes take, and Pete Lee and Chuck Nice take a seat to talk about nerding out, Chuck’s upbringing, Pete’s past acting gigs, and auditions. They get... More

Episode 321

TACS 321 with Nick DiPaolo and Bill Nye

TACS ends the week with Ant talking about the possibility of Donald Trump being the president, Nick DiPaolo and Chuck Nice take a seat to chat with Anthony for Chuck’s quickest appearance ever, and Bill Nye joins the squad to discuss Newton, global warming, beach life, innovation, climate records, and... More

Episode 320

TACS 320 with Bob Levy and Geno Bisconte

Midweek TACS brings us Reverend Bob Levy and Anthony (aka Paulie Walnuts/Mike Brady) yapping about salons, square dancing, and Geno Bisconte joins to further discuss dancing in schools, Geno’s living situation, hotel sex, hotel filth, and Joe Rogan on Dada 5000. They get into “words hurting,” Geno’s biggest pussy move... More

Episode 319

TACS 319 with Ari Shaffir

Anthony is joined by a gimpy Ari Shaffir to chat about his latest injury, Canadian healthcare, Ari’s pro bono work, the old days of music marketing, asshole record store employees, and Ant drops dimes on assholes in stores in general. They talk about “having game,” prepping for dates, Ant tells... More

Episode 318

TACS 318 with Luis J. Gomez and Dave Smith

Anthony is back with Dave Smith and Luis J. Gomez talking guns, Asian delivery guys, the consequences that come from acting rowdy, slutty dressing, and they recap their weekend’s. They discuss Rat versus John, wacky legalities, Hitler’s dick, being dick ready, tricking gals, the handicapped, social justice warriors, macroaggression, disabled... More

Episode 317

TACS 317 with Mike Finoia

TACS ends the week with Ant and Mike Finoia talking about doing random radio shows, radio gimmicks and pranks, sports rivalries, watching sports as kids, jai alai, and rusty nails. The guys reminisce about old jobs, chat about Vinyl on HBO, Bobby Cannavale, Louis CK, movie music, Kanye’s douchbaggery, Lady... More

Episode 316

TACS 316 with Zac Amico

Today Anthony is joined by Zac Amico to discuss assholes on social media, Kanye’s debt, the old days of the internet and the advertisements, the Aniston ass pic, and Luis J. Gomez’s (semi) association with the UFC. We hear about Ronda Rousey’s suicidal thoughts, the guys talk about being hot... More

Episode 315

TACS 315 with Harrison Greenbaum

Tuesday’s TACS kicks off with a recap of last night boring ass Grammy’s, Anthony gets into Kanye’s latest craziness, French assholes, the worst documentary ever “Charlie Victor Romeo,” and we hear from a few callers. Harrison Greenbaum joins the show to discuss the questions surrounding Scalia’s death, the newest news... More

Episode 314

TACS 314 with Lionel

Today’s TACS begins with Jesse Ventura’s newest conspiracy theory, Lionel Media is with Anthony talking about the death of Antonin Scalia, the questions surrounding his death, Alex Jones’s theory on Scalia’s death, what make you a citizen, and busting apart conspiracies. They also discuss Scalia’s history, the presidential candidates, Bill... More