The Anthony Cumia Show
Episode 316

TACS 316 with Zac Amico

Today Anthony is joined by Zac Amico to discuss assholes on social media, Kanye’s debt, the old days of the internet and the advertisements, the Aniston ass pic, and Luis J. Gomez’s (semi) association with the UFC. We hear about Ronda Rousey’s suicidal thoughts, the guys talk about being hot... More

Episode 315

TACS 315 with Harrison Greenbaum

Tuesday’s TACS kicks off with a recap of last night boring ass Grammy’s, Anthony gets into Kanye’s latest craziness, French assholes, the worst documentary ever “Charlie Victor Romeo,” and we hear from a few callers. Harrison Greenbaum joins the show to discuss the questions surrounding Scalia’s death, the newest news... More

Episode 314

TACS 314 with Lionel

Today’s TACS begins with Jesse Ventura’s newest conspiracy theory, Lionel Media is with Anthony talking about the death of Antonin Scalia, the questions surrounding his death, Alex Jones’s theory on Scalia’s death, what make you a citizen, and busting apart conspiracies. They also discuss Scalia’s history, the presidential candidates, Bill... More

Episode 309

TACS 309 with Sam Abernathy, Mike Vecchione and Tony Hinchcliffe

Big court day part two for Ant this morning so he walks us through its snail-like process, we see Gavin McInnes’s b-hole, revisit sexy poker player and possible felon Sam Abernathy, and Mike Vecchione and Tony Hinchcliffe join the show and explain their Italian-ness. Tony breaks down his new Netflix... More

Episode 308

TACS 308 with Paul Mecurio

A frotastic Anthony begins today’s TACS waxing on Florida Evans, James’s death, and sad TV episodes, we see Gavin McInnes picking apart pandering commercials, Ant points out racial differences in commercials, and gushes about the Oculus for Samsung. We see a video for “VirtuaDolls,” get into jerkoff and virtual porn... More