Safe Space

You can find Compound Media’s H.N.I.C. and huckleberry Taleeb Starkes in his Safe Space every Thursday at 1pm ET. Step into the Safe Space and you’ll find a place for commentary, not from commentary. Also the home of the N.N.F.L., in Taleeb’s Safe Space, you’re sure to have an entertaining hour where you just might learn a thing or two. Or maybe, even three.

Episode 14

Safe Space 014

Today in the Safe Space, Black Kojak is talking about Chris Cuomo’s thoughts on fake news, “realizing you’re black,” Valentine’s Day, a woman/camel who left her husband because of Trump, the left’s “tolerance,” Joy Villa’s dress and words, and the NAACP Image Awards. Dr. Walter Williams calls in to talk... More

Episode 12

Safe Space 012

Taleeb is back in the saddle talking about the Deplorabald and wack ass hairstyles, recording his audio book, white liberals, climate change, death threats, and real time reenactment. After the HNIC is done thinking he’s being sabotaged, he discusses snowflakes, Anthony Logan Skypes in and the boys talk about Trump... More

Episode 10

Safe Space 010

Today, on Episode X of Safe Space, Taleeb wonders when the gay industrial complex will start eating itself. He talks to Bethany Blankley about the new movement trying to normalize pedophiles, then talks to Gary Gibson a self proclaimed 'virtuous pedophile' who tries to explain his point of view. Pat... More

Episode 6

Safe Space 006

Taleeb is on CPT today talking about “pistachio girl,” the “fourteen words,” Jill Stein, the Trump effect, Niggergeddon, Keith Lamont Scott, and Pat Dixon takes a seat to discuss agreeing, a 7-year-old that got shot in Charlotte, black press, hypocrisy, Shaun King, and Jesse Williams. The guys go on to... More