Safe Space

You can find Compound Media’s H.N.I.C. and huckleberry Taleeb Starkes in his Safe Space every Thursday at 1pm ET. Step into the Safe Space and you’ll find a place for commentary, not from commentary. Also the home of the N.N.F.L., in Taleeb’s Safe Space, you’re sure to have an entertaining hour where you just might learn a thing or two. Or maybe, even three.

Episode 27

Safe Space 027

On this episode of Safe Space, Taleeb is bringing sunshine to this gloomy day talking about the terrorist attack in Manchester, we see a firsthand combat video, one from our Navy with some pirates, and Taleeb gets into military mode with a PSA. We learn about Andrew Lumish’s gig as... More

Episode 26

Safe Space 026

Taleeb is back in his Safe Space bragging about his #1 status, talking it up about Oscars, experiencing microaggression in the work place, LaVar Ball refusing to mansplain, and Steven B. Lofton joins the show via Skype to chat about racially identified politics, the term “racism,” black preacher scum, social... More

Episode 25

Safe Space 025

On this episode of Safe Space the H.N.I.C. talks about Governor Mike Huckabee, Dan Ozzi, and Kurt Eichenwald’s Cinco de Mayo tweets, we throwback with Speedy Gonzales, see an assault on a vendor, learn about Trayvon Martin getting an honorary degree, Taleeb exposes Bow Wow for being a fakity fake... More

Episode 24

Safe Space 024

Taleeb is back in his safe space today talking about Cinco de Mayo, Mexican stars, “her royal highness,” Trump’s first 100 days, and Paul Nehlen Skypes in to chat with the H.N.I.C. more about Trump’s first 100 days as president. Taleeb goes on to discuss racializing incidents, Aaron Hernandez being... More

Episode 23

Safe Space 023

Our jolly huckleberry is back and possibly high af talking about Mary Jane and the effects she has, the history of “420,” our stoney founding father, and we get a PSA on hemp. Taleeb reminisces on The Matrix, Ken Webster Jr. Skypes in to talk about radio, pot not being... More

Episode 22

Safe Space 022

On today’s Safe Space, Taleeb begins the show with a clip of “Masterpiece Theatre” (whatever the fuck that is), he gets down to business with tax talk, and discusses sovereign citizens. Uncle Hotep Skype’s in to chat about Professor Griff’s call last week, Chuck D’s ideology, and modern day slavery,... More

Episode 20

Safe Space 020

A dapper af Taleeb is in his Safe Space ratting on himself, talking about the hypocrisy of celebrities, percentages of missing women, and Dr. James D. Manning Skypes in to chat with Taleeb about Obama’s presidency being a setback, his time with Donald Trump, “tribulation Trump,” “White Trash Land,” slutty... More

Episode 19

Safe Space 019

Our favorite H.N.I.C, the jolly good fellow, is in his Safe Space today giving condolences to London, discussing PR problems in common between the blacks and Muzzies, movies and TV, colleges being incubators for uniformity, U of A’s “diversity and inclusiveness in the classroom,” the “oops and ouch” method, and... More

Episode 18

Safe Space 018

Our favorite huckleberry Taleeb is back in his Safe Space proposing a deal to the NRA, bragging (kidding) about his audio book “Black Lies Matter,” bragging (totally) about hanging out with “a St.,” he talks about a professor’s response to Jane Mathias regarding a school project, Gwyneth Paltrow the fembot,... More

Episode 17

Safe Space 017

Taleeb the jolly good fellow is in his Safe Space talking about Ben Carson mentioning the word “immigrant,” crazy Twitter backlash, liberal hypocrisy, a day without women, and how great Ali really is which is really, really, REALLY great. The H.N.I.C. gets into Mack Rylee Karam getting his/her wrestling on,... More