Safe Space

You can find Compound Media’s H.N.I.C. and huckleberry Taleeb Starkes in his Safe Space every Thursday at 1pm ET. Step into the Safe Space and you’ll find a place for commentary, not from commentary. Also the home of the N.N.F.L., in Taleeb’s Safe Space, you’re sure to have an entertaining hour where you just might learn a thing or two. Or maybe, even three.

Episode 63

Safe Space 063

Our maestro Taleeb is in the Safe Space rapping to us about “making beauty,” March being “stop blaming white people month,” confusing white people, “National School Walkout,” and Louis Farrakhan. He also discusses and article about trying socialism, US brands that are now owned by other countries, and goes through... More

Episode 62

Safe Space 062

80’s Taleeb is in the Safe Space talking about Tariq Nasheed’s “It’s Time,” Tariq versus Jared, stop blaming white people month, blacks leveraging white guilt at work, a racist pop-up lunch. Taleeb $tarkes discusses his white guilt, an Ohio restaurant asking students to pre-pay, University of Texas launching a no... More

Episode 61

Safe Space 061

Taleeb is in his Safe Space today talking about being sick over the weekend, Black History Month being over and things that happened during it, Black Panther, and Wakanda’s actual location (it’s not real). He also discusses knockoff cereals, Iceman, super hero theme songs, “Freddy” calls in to talk about... More

Episode 60

Safe Space 060

Your chaperone Taleeb takes you into his Safe Space full of guns, where he wonders if he has to move because of the recent school shootings, but don't worry, JLaw will save us all. Bob Woodson Skypes in and they discuss the grievance industry, and racial identity politics. Pat Dixon... More

Episode 59

Safe Space 059

A hungover Taleeb is in the Safe Space talking about the “owner of the Patriots,” Barack Obama’s presidential portrait, black-ploitation, Tariq Nasheed versus Jared Taylor, Jared Taylor on Basked Alaska’s stream, and the Black Panther movie. He also talks about white guilt and a subway surfer, Virstyne Henry Skypes in... More

Episode 57

Safe Space 057

Taleeb $tarke$ is in his Safe Space today talking about the black unemployment rate, racial identity politics, black history month specials, some dudes willing to be arrested over food, and we check out the way Walgreens is celebrating black history month. Taleeb goes on to talk about this weekend’s Super... More

Episode 56

Safe Space 056

The black Trevor Noah is in the Safe Space talking about African Americans, changing the Spanish word for black, the country Niger, Old Yeller, and Joy Reid. We get some news from left field regarding immigration, hear some real news from CNN, Taleeb talks about going to “A Night for... More

Episode 55

Safe Space 055

Taleeb $tarke$ is in his Safe Space today flying high talking it up about the Eagles, the “O.J. trophy,” this day in 1990 with Marion Barry, cell phone usage, Nikola Tesla, and Austria’s first sex doll brothel. We look at some crazy ass robot named Sophia, other countries robot creations,... More

Episode 54

Safe Space 054

Taleeb is back in the Safe Space today blaming Al Gore for missing last week’s show, he yaps it up about New Year’s optimism, removing lingering habits, some comic book dude named Destro, a crooked pastor, and a douche that mistakenly threw away a ton of Bitcoin. Taleeb tells us... More

Episode 53

Safe Space 053

Taribi-Sutakesu is in his Safe Space talking it up about winter solstice, not being in the holiday spirit, the Real Housewives of Section 8, and we get familiar with a real-life Addams Family in AZ. The H.N.I.C. tell us about Bitchcoin and Bitcoin, Ryan Scribner Skypes in to talk about... More