NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon airs Mondays at 7:00 p.m. ET.

Comedian Pat Dixon is in the know in regards to all of the breaking news in and around our fair city. On New York City Crime Report, Pat exposes the horrific and hilarious stories that matter with a little help from a cast of complete characters every Monday night.

Episode 13

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 013

Pat is joined by Gavin McInnes and Jimmy Failla to discuss this past week in crime. They start by discussing cruel treatment by pimps and a woman raped by her eHarmony date. Jacob does the weather and comedian John Ziegler joins the conversation to talk about different career choices and... More

Episode 6

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 006

Pat is joined by Mandy, Jackie Martling, Nate Fridson, and George and Maria who shot a porno featuring cake. They discuss everything from creepy burglars to jewicide.