In Hot Water

In Hot Water with Geno Bisconte and Aaron Berg airs on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. ET.

Stand-up comics Geno Bisconte and Aaron Berg bring their uncensored banter/satire to the platform talking sports, drinking, hot topics, drinking, sex and relationships, drinking, and more. Don’t like to cry when you laugh? Don’t tune in. But if you do enjoy a good/cry laugh combo (and who couldn’t use a good cry every now and then?), do yourself a favor and take a late lunch on Tuesdays and catch the show live.

Episode 13

In Hot Water 013

IHW is back with a Geno rape rant, “alleged UCB hipster rapist” pops in to talks about improv, supporting rape, getting hard, improv raping, “alleged UCB hipster rapist” showcases his skills, we hear about his “uncirci,” and they talk about Kurt Metzger and Usain Bolt. Geno talks to the audience... More