East Side Dave

The East Side Dave show airs Tuesdays at 7 p.m. ET.

The only thing to say about East Side Dave’s show is, WTF. On Tuesday nights, from start to finish, Dave McDonald’s show provides entertainment, excitement, music (thanks to his sidekick Roy Harter), begging, and breakdowns. After an hour and a half of watching the East Side Dave Show if you don’t howl with laughter, you’re dead inside.

Episode 118

East Side Dave Show 118

Staff gives Seinfeld impressions while telling jokes. Mexico beats Germany in World Cup. hock Jock Robot. Big A drinking heavily. Jimmy is in a diaper again as he reads his Father's Day poetry. Roy is Dave's new hype man. Bobo quizzed on Met's retired numbers.... More

Episode 117

East Side Dave Show 117

Staff getting to the studio. Big A's birthday. Bobo's Mets rant. Jimmy reads his poetry in a diaper. Bobo reads his poetry. Flutesy's trip to Europe. Mike Francesa talking basketball. Flutesy game. Conga line in studio.

Episode 115

East Side Dave Show 115

Pat Dixon fills in for Roy again this week, David Barratt joins us in studio to discuss his work 'Men With Ven.' ESD talks about music with Pat. Flutesy game with callers. We talk about Roseanne's cancellation.

Episode 114

East Side Dave Show 114

ESD does his monologue. Pat Dixon sits in for Roy on keyboards. The show plays The Who Baba O'Riley. We play the Fluesy game. Bobo calls in. Different closing song than usual.

Episode 107

East Side Dave Show 107

Tonight on the ESDS, Dave lays down his monologue, talks about getting kicked off Facebook, his kids making scary videos, he and Roy discuss Wild, Wild Country, they play “The Jingle Game,” and we hear about some crazy news n’ stuff.