Episode 239

RENT TACS 239 with Ron Bennington and East Side Dave


Ending TACS week with a bang, Ron Bennington and East Side Dave join Anthony to talk about the launch party, Fez Whatley, LL Cool J and his son, crying, James Gunn, Melissa Stetten, and Ant talks about being newly single while Dave and Ron talk about marriage and kids. The guys then discuss landscapers, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Benson, Danny Pintauro’s HIV, baseball now and then, SiriusXM bans, Bill Cosby, Brian Wilson’s insanity, the TV show Public Morals, racism on old TV, young fans, and time machines. The terrific trio also talk about Jeter’s sexy time, awful music during baseball games, homoerotic 80’s music, the movie “The Walk,” G. Gordon Liddy, haters, radio pranks, past tomfoolery, Earl Douglas and his habits, famous dad’s, Alzheimer's, Al Dukes, and shaved heads. Ant shows the guys a Howard Stern tribute video, they chat about Steve Grillo, the college shooting in Oregon, blame shifting, the Phillies in the 80’s, Lorde and The Royals, Donald Trump, the presidential candidates, Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix, Stalker Patti, kiss cams and carnival scams, Bubba the Love Sponge, radio trends and ratings, and the guys mo-out on each other. Dave brings up what he did “for the show” and weight gain and loss, the guys pick on Patti a bit more, discuss music, Straight Outta Compton, Lily Tomlin, SAG, tattoos, Hurricane Joaquin, The Rolling Stones, Andy Warhol’s love of cock, Studio 54, and the show ends with commentary on a throwback awards show.