Episode 204

RENT TACS 204 with Jim Florentine


TACS starts from the poker table where (long haired) Anthony talks with Jim Florentine about being on Louie, getting submitted for an Emmy, “upper deckers,” being cool back in the day, music now and then, things they’ve done for gals, the early days of MTV, and Jim tells us about the worst decision he’s EVER made. They get into awful movies, being crotchety, winning (or lack thereof) in relationships, “mature” musicians, living the rock life, scandalous sex, strippers, local strip clubs, stripper sex, shitty old jobs, and shitting in weird places. Jim and Ant talk about past construction jobs, work vans, the old days of stand-up comedy, Bob Levy and Rich Vos in the 90’s, club owners, Big Jay Oakerson, drunks in comedy clubs, friends in cars, drinking in cars, and That Metal Show. Jim talks about exposing his son to the metal lifestyle and after a brief “cum chat,” Bobo explains his Fan Duel strategy, the guys then yap about “deflategate” and Tom Brady, Brett Farve’s phone, Reggie Jackson, censorship and apologies, Amy Schumer, shitbag media outlets, Donald Trump, and presidents folding on issues.