Episode 267

RENT TACS 267 with Dave Attell


Tuesday begins hearing about Ant’s morning in Time Square, Charlie Sheen’s HIV status and the timeline of his diagnosis, and Dave Attell takes a seat at the desk to gripe about the studio, discuss holiday plans, traveling, and to talk more shit on the studio. The guys get into old man banter with the web being “where it’s at,” the good old days, age dysmorphia, the Gerald Form museum, pipe smoking, history shows, competitive welding, black and white TV, and Dave professes his love for good looking Indians. They also talk about PC TV, taking the fun out of college, The Warriors, the mermaid parade, NY neighborhoods and neighbors, Jim Breuer and “The Pizza Guy,” city living and dying, cats versus dogs, Atlantic City, allergies and alcohol, and dad personalities. Dave reminisces about being a sickly kid, they chat about climate issues, Vietnam stories, having opinions on world issues, selfies, legit photography, space travel, hotel movies, books made into movies, Cockney, packing heat, The Monkees remake, Cali living, Cali bitches, dating, and YouTube “celebs.” TACS comes to a close with the guys covering old DVD’s, vintage porn, ways to die, changes in picture taking, Radio Shack, man skills, important weapons, more man skills, and saddle wearing animals.