Episode 234

RENT TACS 234 with Steven Schirripa and Paul Mecurio


Hump day on TACS begins with Pope Francis chat, attire and gun chat, and with one of the greatest videos known to man straight from Boston. Steve Schirripa sits with Anthony to rip on the staff, talk about his sauce, his new project Benders, Dice makes an appearance, and the guys get into The Sopranos along with some behind the scenes stories from Steve. They talk about Sopranos speculation, audience reactions, winning awards, Paulie Walnuts, making mobsters likable, being anti-Italian, Nicky Deuce, and discuss being PC while not being PC at all. Steve talks about his time in Vegas, they share stories about dealing with the industry, James Gandolfini, losing your life to the job, being typecast, growing up with the mob, nicknames, and take part in a little #TBW. Ant explains dick spray to Steve, they discuss reality TV, fathers and daughters, marriage, finding a “plan b,” Ant (re) introduces Steve to Max, they talk impressions, tattoos, being sympathetic, characters from The Sopranos, Colombo, and Wayne Newton’s fucked up face. Paul Mecurio then joins Ant to talk about his racist uncle, Paul McCartney, the “sex for Sam” fiasco, Stephen Colbert, the Emmy’s, and they go through a new trans story, fat shame a bit, and talk about jerking off and catheters.