Episode 64

RENT TACS 064 with Ari Shaffir and Samantha


***Due to tech problems, this episode doesn't look or sound the best. Sorry. -Rat*** The free week kicks off with Ant and Ari Shaffir at the poker table talking about beer, their younger partying days, the impending Ferguson verdict, and the facts surrounding the case. Samantha from Super Action Fight joins the guys to chat about how she got into the industry and “mystery wrestler” E-Bobo sits to talk some shit about what’s going to go down. Samantha and E-Bobo take their places on the wrestling mat, the battle begins and as expected, Samantha wins five out of five matches. E-Bobo’s mask is removed to reveal it is in fact Bobo (Shocker!) and he and Samantha sit down with Ant and Ari to discuss the match, Bobo’s new job, and Ant’s firing. The guys chat with Sam about her love life, find out when she lost her virginity, get into both Sam and Bobo’s school days, and Bobo reminisces about his friend with MS. Ari and Ant then talk about the types of gals they like, their thoughts on people with kids, Bill Cosby, generalizing when it comes to crimes, racism, the police, and haters on-line. The show ends with a bit more about the upcoming poker tournament at Mohegan Sun and with a few more Photoshop entries.