Episode 39

RENT TACS 039 – The Blackout Show


Ant starts the show with the pros/cons regarding his new iPhone and recaps Colin Quinn’s appearance as well as his show at Governor's. Unfortunately, there’s a blackout at the house so he joins us via Rat’s phone from his dining room in the dark. Keith gives us an update on Ant’s upcoming trip to L.A., we hear about a new Ebola scare, see little Beavis, and since there is no way to take phone calls (thank god), Ant reads Twitter feedback. We hear about yet another apology in the news, a teen that killed his mom, cops gone wild, and discuss race relations between cops and civilians. Ticket University helps @HummerJon get unblocked and while the power returns, the show continues outside of the studio. Ant reads a list a Nebraska school put out on how to be “gender neutral,” shows us a Russian “Live Leak” video, tells us how Russians feel about gays, Keith chimes in to tell us a “sucking and fucking” cop story, and the show wraps up for the week with a little “throwback Thursday” action via an old commercial.