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Episode 381

RENT TACS 381 with Mike Brown, Brandon Collins, and Doug Stanhope

TACS begins with Mike Brown and Brandon Collins chatting is up with Anthony about Father’s Day and dads, they pick apart a sweet throwback family pic with Ant’s dad, pick apart Garrett’s artwork, and go on to yap about getting older, asshole animals, and the latest with the Orlando shooting. Doug Stanhope joins the gang to talk about lack of sleep, Dice (and his wonky eye), the O&A days, and the shitty media.

Episode 380

RENT TACS 380 with Ari Shaffir and Brian Redban

Anthony bitches about “Facebook memories,” we see a few “TBT” pics of his family and hear a few “TB” stories, learn about a chopstick stabbing and chopstick regulation, and Brian Redban and Ari Shaffir join the show to further discuss wacky ass shit in Japan. Brian tells us about spending (minimal) time with a Jap, Ari talks about “This is Not Happening,” they discuss nudity and Legion of Skanks, UFC coming to NY, recreational drug use, the old days of goofy racism, throwback stewardesses, and passenger shaming. The guys go on to chat about assholes on the road, rehab, expressing yourself without consequences, destroying dreams and making untimely jokes, shutting off your piss stream and having strong dicks, awful ways to die, sex drives by gender, pullout techniques, and young versus old gals.

Episode 313

RENT TACS 313 w Neil DeGrasse Tyson

TACS ends the week with some science chat. Neil deGrasse Tyson joins the show. Neil talks with Ant about the mission to Pluto, Mars, space technology, Martian soil, space exploration, senior citizen Superman, Einstein’s gravitational waves theory, the American space program, a meteorite (not) killing a man, space vehicles, and Graham's number. Esther Ku swaps out with Neil to dumb it down (kidding) talking with Anthony about Periscope, gardening, raffles, hair salons, retainers, religion brainwashing, cults, Abe Vigoda, kangaroo’s (da fuck?), wacky sports fans, Ant’s jail “visit,” and shitty teenage skin.


RENT TACS 066 with Jenny Hutt and Dr. Steve

Ant discusses the misconceptions surrounding the grand jury decision of Officer Wilson, Wilson’s testimony, what was proven in Michael Brown’s death, and people’s blind support of the case. Ant also talks about the “protests” and looting that the idiots in Ferguson are doing, the media’s part in all of this, and we watch videos of Brown’s family after the verdict.


RENT TACS 152 – Baltimore Riots

Today TACS goes full-on Baltimore beginning with live coverage of the Freddie Gray “protests,” Ant goes through some of the things the “protesters” are lobbing, the kid glove mentality of police tactics, bad behavior being expected, misinformation and delusion, and defending the memory of good people. After an insanely hilarious arrest, we watch part of a live press conference from the Baltimore PD, discuss the mayor’s strategy, a few callers chime in, we see what it was like in Baltimore over the weekend, and Ant talks about consequence and weak administration. KtC tells a story of being reprimanded, we bring people together with a cat video, look through Monday’s mail, go back to the insane scene in Baltimore, Ant suggests ways to fend off the “protestors,” a caller compares the “protesters” to domestic terrorists, and Anthony talks more about the mayor’s speech. We then go into MAJOR overtime with brilliant play-by-play of the live coverage, Ant’s theory on ratting people out on social media, we hear what the White House is saying, find out the mayor is now backpedaling, Joe Walsh calls in to discuss the situation, Ant attempts to predict what it will be like after dark in Baltimore tonight, we get specular call-ins from TJ Sotomayor, Taleeb Starkes, Lionel Media, and TACS ends with a bit more stellar coverage of the “protests” (riots).