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Episode 143

RENT TACS 143 – Siblings Day with Brother Joe and Dawn

It’s sibling day on TACS with the Cumia kids! Joe and Dawn join Ant and we’re treated to a trip down memory lane with plenty of throwback pictures, a slew of stories including players in their past, shitty old jobs, their parents marriages, trips to and from California, adventures with pot, parenting styles, and their own relationships. We learn how Joe Currie got the nickname “Plank Foot,” ol’ Plank Foot sits with the gang to get in on the fun while they talk about Brother Joe joining the Army, Army buddies, using comedy as a self-defense mechanism, their old apartment, their passion for paintballing, drunken tales, run-ins with the law, the tightness of the Cumia kids, and Rotgut over the years. The crew wraps up the show talking about the good and bad of social media, the permanence of public records, cameras being on everything, they tell us where to find them next, and then gift us with an incredible sing-along.

Episode 286

RENT TACS 286 – Howard Stern Reunion Show

Hold on to your hats guys, the new TACS desk is (finally) here with Howard Stern alongside Reverend Bob Levy, Jackie Martling, John Melendez, Steve Grillo, and KC. After Howie makes his exit, the guys give Ant a little dating advice, they chat about their younger bodies, virtual porn, relationships, John’s shitty driving, and laugh about radio blowouts, staff drama, banned guests, and KC almost bleeding out. They touch on behind the scenes antics, kicking drugs, making music, competition, company men, station cheapness, firings, heckling, raging hard-ons, John’s son, Damone, and late night TV. We hear about Bob’s son’s band, the guys bring up shit gigs and life before social media, fucking with the wrong people, “People V OJ Simpson” on FX, the old days of Stern radio, pranks gone wrong, Jessica Hahn, Dominic Barbara, and dead guests. We watch a cremation video, KC tells us about his new gig, they bust each other’s balls while telling stories about John’s wedding and weight loss contests, they also talk about Artie Lange, Gilbert Gottfried, Dice on Ice, Joey Adams, Pat Cooper, hair plugs, and laminates.

Episode 329

RENT TACS 329 “Squirt Show” w Rick Shapiro, Dave Smith, Mike Cannon, and Natasha Starr

It’s scientific experiment day on TACS and Ant sits with Dave Smith and Mike Cannon to discuss facts and fictions regarding female ejaculate, Dr. Bobo takes a seat to explain his part in the show today, and the guys talk a bit of politics. While we’re waiting for Natasha Starr to come/cum, Pat Dixon fills us in on his show the other night, we hear about a mile high boombox fight, they chat about phone blocking, a punched protester, and Dr. Steve Skypes in to drop some knowledge about female ejaculate and the fluids it’s technically made of. Rick Shapiro joins the guys to talk about squirting, Natasha Starr and Rebel Lynn get in on the squirting chat, and Natasha sits down and gets down to business with a little help from Rebel. With some guidance from Dr. Steve, an ejaculate sample is tested and the scientific experiment is complete. (No spoilers.) The guys then talk about “retro” making a comeback as well as the experiment that went down today, Bobo expresses his gratitude, and they wrap up yapping about FBI hacks, good girls versus naughty ones, Natalia Starr, Chumlee’s arrest, and Bobo’s dick issues.

Episode 167

RENT TACS 167 with Ari Shaffir and Kendra Sunderland

TACS week ends with Ari Shaffir joining Anthony poolside to chat about his trip to Thailand that included the things gals shoot out of their pussy there, Thai hookers, STD's, and the food. They then get into chicken consumption, horse meat consumption, Locked Up Abroad, police brutality in other countries, language barriers, overseas city life, and Joe Rogan. Ant brings up attempting to get into the SiriusXM building, they talk about freedom of speech, suspended ESPN reporter Britt McHenry, analyzing social media pictures, free thinking in comedy, allowing open debate, insincere apologies, living in a vengeful society, “social justice warriors,” and Ant recalls FCC violations. Kendra Sunderland joins the guys to talk about how she got into “camming,” why she dropped out of school, how she lost her virginity, the reactions from her first video, and the police charging her with public indecency. Ant brings up cat shit crazy, they talk relationships, the porn industry, rude cam girls, cam requests, vagina bongs, being adventurous, threesomes, and interracial sex. The trio take it to the (scalding) hot tub and continue to talk about Kendra’s NY trip, dancing at Headquarters Gentlemen's Club, Ari and Ant give her tips on what guys like in a stripper, they chat about last place awards, girl on girl experiences, Twitter, dick pics, getting pictures with famous people, future plans, speedos, random flashing, how cruel kids can be, the perfect dancing music, and the importance of manscaping.

Episode 158

RENT TACS 158 with Chris Hansen

After a sting-tastic opening, Chris Hansen sits down with Anthony to explain how the show To Catch a Predator started, the research he did and didn’t do for the show, the consequences behind these pervs actions, the collateral damage it causes, the possible entrapment angle, repeat customers, and society dealing with child porn. They then get into monitoring and stats, Chris’s new project “Hansen vs. Predator,” the Kickstarter making the show happen, the popularity of social media making monitoring pedos easier, human trafficking, identifying human traffickers, Chris’s background in broadcasting, competition in journalism, the media’s rush for breaking news, sloppy reporting, and relationships with law enforcement. Chris talks about his 9/11 coverage, they discuss anthrax changing the mail system, how 9/11 changed them, Sandy Hook, the Aurora shooting, 1st amendment infringement, media censorship, the ease of offending people, Michael Moore, responsible journalism and research, acknowledging the haters on social media, and advancements in technology and aviation. The show wraps up with some chat on legendary broadcasters, political reporting, Chris’s sons following in his footsteps, South Park spoofing him, To Catch a Predator parodies, today’s politics, and learning more about Chris’s upcoming projects.

Episode 2

RENT TACS 002 with Andrew Dice Clay

Anthony's first guest to the compound is Andrew Dice Clay. He joins Ant poolside (along with his sons) for an intimate two hour conversation (mixed with a bit of ranting) that leads to after show high jinx and shenanigans.

Episode 321

RENT TACS 321 with Nick DiPaolo and Bill Nye

TACS ends the week with Ant talking about the possibility of Donald Trump being the president, Nick DiPaolo and Chuck Nice take a seat to chat with Anthony for Chuck’s quickest appearance ever, and Bill Nye joins the squad to discuss Newton, global warming, beach life, innovation, climate records, and the science community. The guys also talk about standing army’s, weather patterns, environmental impact, the liberal agenda, storing electricity, taxing the shit out of people, cause and effect, America’s mindset, “earth day,” the Pittsburgh Steelers (the fuck??), fracking, palm oil (the fuck??), space, Bill’s trip to Cape Canaveral, and the bottom line here folks is, Bill Nye is smart as fuck and we’re all dumb. After smarty pants Bill leaves, Nick and Anthony wrap the week yapping about challenging smart people, Hillary on criminals, the presidential candidates, (not) Frank Lopez, racism in college, “I hate cock glasses,” being helpful on public transportation, big business, impressions, and Damone

Episode 399

RENT TACS 399 with Dinesh D’Souza

On today’s TACS, Dinesh D’Souza joins Anthony to talk about his film “Hillary’s America,” the hoops he jumped through to film it, being charged for exceeding the campaign limit, and Obama and his goals. They also talk about delusional Hillary, leftist theories, the history of democrats, social media’s influence, the upcoming election, and while Dinesh makes his exit, we see the trailer for “Hillary’s America.” Ant goes on to talk about Joe Piscopo on Fox News, last night’s DNC, we revisit East Side Dave jerking off Bobo, and Pat Dixon fills in for Anthony while he takes a dump (seriously?!) and discusses Ant’s bladder, peeing in bottles, his giant dick, Stu McCallister from Michigan, and renewing his vows. Ant makes his way back in studio (six minutes later) and goes on with Pat talking about Hillary and Bill, a dude ripping down blue ribbons, a protester who’s down with segregation, Megyn Kelly on Mike Brown’s mom, Trump’s plea to Russia, and a major cunt on Facebook. Anthony and Pat reminisce about childhood beatings, they yap about Alex Jones, “My Pillow,” infomercial fails, Biden’s upcoming speech, standing for what America’s stands for, an “A-list” sex club coming to NY, the old days of sex clubs and bush, and Pat talks about his marriage.

Episode 366

RENT TACS 366 with Alex Jones

TACS begins with Ant bitching about the deli he generally hits up on the way to work, he gets into the presidential candidates and their tactics, Trump’s campaign videos, Bill Clinton’s many conquests, and we hear some of the texts Ant has received from rehab buddies. Alex Jones Skype’s in to discuss free speech, labeling, Obama’s antics, the possibility of Hillary beating Trump, pissed off Americans, Hillary “the beard,” fake ass libs, and grassroots outlets. After a few callers get through, Ant talks about the latest with the Freddie Gray case, politicians and money, Scorch’s latest acting gig, the voting polls, attempting to make Hillary look better, a slutty ass teenager in Florida, pedo’s in Hollywood according to Frodo, and we check in with Bobo. The day wraps chatting about Alan Young’s death, the old days of pitch meetings, Marcus Owens getting his ass kicked, Obama valuing the trans, and Garrett gives his review on Ricky Gervais’s movie “Special Correspondents.”

Episode 207

RENT TACS 207 – Live from New York!

The debut of the new studio is here and a dapper Anthony begins with Colin Quinn and Nick DiPaolo’s feedback on the place, they talk about TACS in the city versus at the compound, LOS antics, discuss fashion (or lack thereof), bash little Jimmy Norton, and Ant once again defends his roast jokes. Cool guy Quinn talks about his new show, Danny Aiello, and Tough Crowd, they chat it up about Trump’s run for president, Chris Christie, fat baseball players, and they get into news stories on Obama going ring less, the Trainwreck shooting, and Amy and Chuck Schumer on guns. The guys talk about changes in NYC, revisit the “stockbroker Bobo” idea, Seinfeld gets a name drop, the trio discusses a druggie drone story, Colin takes a hard out, and Nick and Ant continue the show pissing on first class. Professor Gavin McInnes joins the guys to talk about the new studio, his show at the house last night, a CEO raising salaries, we find out the studio audience has weak bladders, learn that a batboy died as did math, Dr. McInnes talks about “no wanks,” professes his love for Mrs. DiPaolo, covers supply and demand, and the guys reminisces about the old days of sex and dating. Ant talks about old pregnancy tests and waxes on his childhood, they cover divorce now and then, shitting boundaries, crazies and bums, cracked out vag’s, saying what you mean, conspiracies and hoaxes, and today’s TACS wraps with a free-bleeding covo, Swiss army twat, Eric Garner’s daughter, beat cops, and with Ant expressing his gratitude.

Episode 10

RENT TACS 010 with Colin Quinn

Colin Quinn joins Anthony in the bar to reminisce about his bartending and drinking days. We learn about the ethnicity book and show Col's working on, they discuss people who seek out things to be "offended" by, the public's inability to have open and honest dialogue, they touch on the conflicts going on overseas, diversity in police forces, and the power of social media and of the "69". In the second hour, they take a few listener calls, somehow get into a convo about deli sandwiches, chat it up about Andrew Dice Clay, the MTV days, Off-Track Betting, and of course, there were plenty of Long Island references.