Episode 146

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 146

Anthony, Ron Bennington, and Owen Benjamin talk about raising kids. Mornin' with Bill Schulz discusses Dave Chappelle's new special. In Hot Water talks to JJ Lieberman about his comedy controversy in Canada. East Side Dave plays TTFBM. Michael Malice and Owen Benjamin look back at 2017.



This week on TRUMP, we give our OPINIONS (facts): We hate Maxine Waters. International reaction to Trump's huge balls. Trump's female accusers are liars. Plus the Weekly Outrage - it's about hate crime, like kidnapping and torturing a retarded boy. Hosts Pat Dixon and Kevin Downey Jr



President Trump's endorsement of Roy Moore was met by Senate Republicans with some mixture of fake surprise, fake outrage and possibly real resignation as it has become completely clear that Trump won't be consulting with the RNC or anyone else when it comes to picking his horses. With the midterms looming, what will the relationship be between President Trump and Republicans in Congress? And with the Russia investigation coming up empty, what pretend issue will liberals find to harp on? going forward. Hosts Pat Dixon and Kevin Downey Jr. discuss this, plus a new service provided by white liberals via a Facebook page called "White Nonsense Round-up" through which people of color can call on these idiots to intervene when a not-so-liberal white person interacts in a way they feel is inappropriate or bothersome. This is real.

Episode 145

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 145

Anthony hears how Will Noonan got mugged. Juliet Huddy tells Mornin' with Bill Schulz how Trump tried to kiss her. Crime Report covers rapes at spas. James Levin is In Hot Water. Michael Malice talks to Brett Veinotte about the problems of public education. Kevin Brennan talks to Ian Fidance about being bisexual. Taleeb Starkes looks into Russell Simmons relationship with Trump. East Side Dave talks to Jimmy Mac about Star Wars rumors.



This week on TRUMP, hosts Pat Dixon and Kevin Downey Jr. talk about LaVar Ball's ingratitude and Trump's response on Twitter, Trump referring to Elizabeth Warren as "Pocahontas" and the strange complaint of some in the media that Trump is still the same guy as President as he was during the campaign. They don't like that he intends to keep his promises. (?) Plus Pat and Kevin delve into Las Vegas and discuss where they stand on various conspiracy theories.

Episode 144

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 144

Artie, Anthony, and Ron Bennington play Ratchet Ass Trivia with Richie Redding. Mornin' with Bill Schulz discusses the Matt Lauer story. Crime Report covers an IRS agent rape. In Hot Water talks to the Navajo codebreaker. Michael Malice talks to Arthur Herman about his book The Idea of Decline in Western History. Burning Bridges talk about having similar jokes. Taleeb Starkes checks in on The B.O.R.G.. East Side Dave recounts Roy getting yelled at by security.



When Donald J. Trump won the Republican nomination, all the Republicans had to do was drop their petty bullshit and get behind the man who obviously had the country's undivided attention. Instead, they've been obstinate dickheads. During what should've been a period of unparalleled unity and progress for the Right, the U.S. is caught up in a social justice nightmare as the Left continues to exert influence through the mainstream and social media. Had the Republicans gotten in line, the social justice mission of the Left would've been silenced. With more at stake, political discourse would've been elevated as more serious liberal voices expressed actual ideas rather than ad hominem attacks on the President. So if you ever wonder why all this talk about groping from 10, 15 or 30 years ago gets so much press, you can thank the Republicans in Congress. They refused to give the Left any issues to actually deal with. SETH BARRON SITS IN FOR KEVIN DOWNEY JR, WHO IS ON ASSIGNMENT

Episode 143

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 143

Artie, Anthony, and Dave Landau test out their gay southern accent. Guests on Mornin' with Bill Schulz share their harassment stories. NYC Crime Report covers a man dragged in a road rage incident. In Hot Water talks to Jewey CK. Michael Malice talks to Laura Loomer about her interrupting a play. Kevin Brennan talks to Harrison Greenbaum about Louis CK. Taleeb Starkes finds out about the Church of Satan. East Side Dave gives his demo for the WFAN morning show.



Pat Dixon and Kevin Downey Jr. talk about some of Obama's last acts to make Trump's presidency more difficult, the guilt of Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Rosenstein and others and more. Also, Proud Boy Steven McCarthy talks about the greatness of Trump.

Episode 142

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 142

Artie, Anthony and Mike Ward talk about the Kevin Spacey allegations. Mornin'!!! with Bill Schulz breaks the Louis CK story before the NY Times. Crime Report talks to Donald Trump. In Hot Water reunites Mike Ward with Petit Jeremy. Michael Malice talks to David Pietrusza about his political books. Kevin Brennan gets called out for his tweets. Taleeb Starkes investigates Joy Villa. East Side Dave plays Is It Legal with his attorney Neal Unger.



Kevin Downey Jr. is out of town this week doing stand-up in America and Donald J. Trump is still the leader of the free world, so Pat Dixon is joined by associate editor of City Journal, Seth Barron to discuss the President's reaction to the NYC terror attack, more details about the Uranium One sale and former DNC Chair Donna Brazile throwing Hillary Clinton under the bus. Plus a visit from Greg "The Greek" Kritikos and more. MAGA.

Episode 141

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 141

Artie and Anthony talk about the NYC terror attack. Mornin'!!! with Bill Schulz talks about the Hollywood scandals with Lauren Sivan and Ann Coulter. NYC Crime Report covers a horse fucker. In Hot Water talks to the dark Corn Pop. Michael Malice and Jeremie Ruby-Strauss discuss Diary of an Oxygen Thief. Burning Bridges out comics. Taleeb Starkes looks into the ads Russia bought on social media. East Side Dave honors The Rocky Horror Picture Show.