Episode 15

TRUMP - 015

Episode 149

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 149

Anthony, Aaron Berg, and Chad zumock go spelunking. Mornin' with Bill Schulz covers the Grammys. Crime Report looks into a transgender prisoner on a hunger strike. In Hot Water talks to Mark Salling about his suicide. Michael Malice talks to Frederick Bouchardy about fragrances. Kevin Brennan texts Louis CK. Taleeb Starkes celebrates Black History Month. The East Side Dave Show bangs a gong.

Episode 14

TRUMP - 014

Episode 2

The Morning Show 002

Mike and Bobo talk to their pals Amarie Castillo, Stacey Prussman, and Walker Hays.

Episode 148

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 148

Artie and Anthony talk about Aziz's dating moves with Jim Florentine. Mornin' with Bill Schulz discuss kids eating Tide pods. Crime Report covers the Larry nassar trial. In Hot Water talks to Rosie O'Donnell. Michael Malice recaps A Night for Freedom. Burning Bridges explains why women are dumb. Taleeb Starkes looks into the grievance industry. East Side Dave plays Crazy Puerto Rican Woman Plays the Flute, then Dave Wonders.

Episode 13

TRUMP - 013

Episode 147

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 147

Anthony, Gavin McInnes, and Michael Malice talk to Milo Yiannopoulos about representing himself in court. Mornin' with Bill Schulz cover Donald Trump's health report. Pat Dixon talks to former cops about their shooting incidents on Crime Report. In Hot Water talks to the guy who sent out the false nuke warning. Michael Malice talks with Buck Sexton about CIA spying on citizens. Burning Bridges celebrates MLK Day. Taleeb Starkes discusses AI with Dr. Subhash Kak. East Side Dave hears Big A's Statement For Race Relations.


TRUMP - 012 pt.2

Pat Dixon and Kevin Downey Jr. continue their ongoing conversation about Donald Trump as they follow his exploits as best as they can through the funhouse mirror of the MSM. Exclusive: Special bonus song parody, dedicated to "The Dreamers.


TRUMP - 012 pt.1

Part 1 of episode 12. It's not a "VERY SPECIAL" episode, it was just kinda long. In this episode, Pat Dixon and Kevin Downey Jr. continue their ongoing conversation about the greatness of President Donald J. Trump, The Trump Era in general, and how people who like him and refuse to support him are the absolute worst.


TRUMP - 011

NEW EPISODE OF TRUMP. Hosts Pat Dixon and Kevin Downey Jr. continue to celebrate President Donald J. Trump and the Trump Era.



TRUMP is back after having a Merry Christmas.

Episode 146

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 146

Anthony, Ron Bennington, and Owen Benjamin talk about raising kids. Mornin' with Bill Schulz discusses Dave Chappelle's new special. In Hot Water talks to JJ Lieberman about his comedy controversy in Canada. East Side Dave plays TTFBM. Michael Malice and Owen Benjamin look back at 2017.