Tara Jakeway


Mornin'!!! 125

This Mornin' starts off with Bill and Jo talking about Jo's charity reaching their goal, bowling, and missed wardrobe opportunities. Keith Collins, Tara Jakeway, and Alana Luv join the show and they get into having roommates, the yanny v. laurel debate, and a woman shitting in a Tim Hortons. They... More

Mornin'!!! 123

The duo begins the Mornin’ talking about books and the TV show Gotham, Theo Caviness calls in, and Stacey Prussman, Ian Fidance, and Tara Jakeway sit panel to talk about John Cena and his break-up. They also talk about Margot Kidder’s death, Meghan Markle’s dad, Rita Ora, and trans students... More

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