Kris Fried

Mornin'!!! 124

Bill and Joanne start the show yapping about a commercial Jo did with hot ass Cristiano Ronaldo (of sorts), and Josh McCarroll, Kris Fried, and Amber Milt sit panel to talk about a “wingman” app, and the upcoming biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. They discuss emotional support animals, old school skulls, celebrity... More

Mornin'!!! 119

This Mornin’, Bill and Jo discuss residual checks, an old school video of Joanne, Jim Jefferies, yesterday’s Roger Stone interview, Coughlin's law, and Kris Fried, Greg Young, and Ralph Sutton join the show to chat about bout musical plays. They also talk about the Met Gala, Adele’s 30th birthday, a... More

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