David W. Collins

Voice Actor in Rogue One, Force Awakens. Audio Director

East Side Dave Show 113

East Side Dave starts his show with his gratuitous talk show monologue before breaking into "Acuff - Rose." The Shizer List gets two new members, Big A and Bobo cover their trip to Philly, and Shock Jock Robot makes an appearance. David W. Collins Skypes in and talks to Dave... More

East Side Dave Show 063

On tonight ESDS, Dave covers J-Rod, Ryan Seacrest, Donald Trump, Steven Segal, warts (gross), John Daly, and Billy Joel in his monologue, we hear a sweet song, and Dave brings up some scandalous pictures. We check out some Mike Francesa predictions, Stevie tells an irrelevant story, Mr. Owen treats us... More

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