Adam Lucidi

TACS 552 with Adam Lucidi

Cutie haircut boy is back chatting about Steve Stephens (the FB killer asshole) killing himself (YAY!) after being spotted at McDonalds, the family of the victim of the FB killer, Gavin McInnes being a charismatic cult leader, “Moldilocks,” and a Salon article about a Trump supporter rally. Ant discusses attempting... More

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 085

Tonight On NYCCR, Pat sits down with Mandy Stadtmiller, Asian Pat Dixon, and they talk to Walter Yurkiw about The Seven Five. IKON Skypes in from his secret lair, King Chatroulette tries to get on the show. Seth Barron and Irene Bremis talk to Pat about crime under De Blasio,... More

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